Make a Bot that has Your Knowledge, Personality, and Spoken Voice

In a few clicks

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Writer, YouTuber, Podcaster, Instructor, or just Awesome?

We use your content to "clone" your mind into a bot.

Your bot educates, entertains, and inspires your fans.

E.T. go home

"Why read somebody's Book if you could just Talk to them?"

Bots are just a new way to consume content.

Examples of other formats are books, podcasts, and videos.

Laso the Moon

Be Reachable, become Lovable

Discussion is the highway to people's hearts.

Get talking, or get MasterBot.

Star Wars - Luke, I am Your Father

Nothing is better than “You”, except “More You”

It's about time you found time for everybody.

And yes Vader, that includes your son.

Godfather - Offer he can't refuse

Say it once. Done.

Your bot will write, re-write, customize, and communicate your ideas so you can stop saying the same things again and again.


Always You. Always ON.

More You (with less of you)

Home Alone

Your bot will...

  • chat with your followers as if it were you
  • speak in your voice, or another voice you choose
  • answer fan questions with your knowledge
  • advise clients with your expertise and skills
  • give interviews (on approval)

Forget Personalized. Enter Personal.

Basic Instinct

Your bot will...

  • help and entertain your fans
  • get people to know you better
  • build connections, trust, and authority
  • market you, your services and products
  • make friends while you sleep

Sell Yourself. Literally.

Wolf of Wallstreet

Sell access to your Bot...

  • with a subscription
  • with a one-time fee
  • with coupons or passwords
  • or, give it away for Free

Automate Content Marketing

Lord of the Ring

Your bot will...

  • generate new content from old content
  • answer public questions in your field
  • discuss with other masterbots
  • you maintain control of what is published

Convert Yourself to a Bot in a few clicks

We pull content from your platforms like YouTube, Medium, Podcasts, and Blogs. Υou can also upload your content files directly.

Indiana Jones-->

We process your content using Machine Learning to create a language model. We also process your voice to create a vocal model.

Titanic - Let Go

MasterBot takes your Content and Voice recordings and gives you a bot-clone of yourself. In a nutshell, MasterBot converts You to a Bot.

Eternal Sunshine



The Matrix - Neo stops bullets

We record everything your bot says (for copyright infringement checks) and give you access and the exclusive rights to the generated content.


Forrest Gumb

You choose where to make your bot available with optional voice support. Channels include social media, chat applications, phone calls, your website, and email.


Toy Story

Your bot will be able to teach, entertain, and inspire. Still, if you ask your bot if it's a toy, it will probably disagree.

Ready to be botified?
The Truman Show

Open Your Mind to the World with MasterBot

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Avengers - Thanos

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